Web Promotions

Once your web site is complete, we offer the tools and support necessary to properly market and manage your online presence. Marketing of your site is paramount to its success, and that is why we have integrated digital marketing into our services. Whether you're looking to advertise your site with a banner ad on Yahoo! or target a specific audience, VirtualAxis's digital marketing solutions cover all of the bases.

Search Engine Placement and Tracking

With thousands of domain names being submitted to the search engines on a daily basis, the position of your web site in these search engines can change rapidly. This change in position can significantly affect the number of hits your site receives on daily basis. This is the idea behind our search engine placement and tracking. We do not simply submit your site once to 1500 search engines that you've never heard of, but we repeatedly place your site on the top 100 search engines, ensuring that your site ranks on the top of the list among specified searches. And once your site is at the top of the list, we make sure it stays there by continually tracking the position of your site. When it slips a notch or two, we contact that search engine and make sure your site is placed back on top. Some examples of where each of our sites' rank on the major search engines are listed for each of our clients.

Banner Advertisements

Have you ever gone on a search engine and noticed the ads they place all over their pages, and how much of your attention these ads grab? A lot, that's for sure! And the truth is, it's a lot cheaper than you think to place a banner ad on sites like Yahoo! or Excite. And it couldn't get any easier! Just tell us who you want to reach with your ad (people looking for widgets, businesses looking for suppliers, etc.) and we'll handle the rest! We design your ad for you and, depending on your budget, set up the number of "page views" (the number of times someone sees your ad) your ad will be placed in. And that's it!

Specialty Advertising

Our digital marketing solutions go beyond the Internet in advertising your business. We also work with your current marketing plan to give your business even more reach. We show you how you can maximize your advertising dollars by placing your web site address on your business cards and brochures, as well as all of your other marketing materials. And just like our other consulting services, you never have to pay anything for our advice.


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