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You don't have to be told about the explosion in E-Commerce. Everywhere you turn, companies are launching new sites, selling everything from clothes to cars. That's why it is critical to work with an e-commerce solutions provider who can help your online business stand apart from everyone else's.

The time is now. You have products to sell. The Web offers millions of prospective customers ready to purchase online. We bring it all together in a package offering simplicity, security and peace of mind for your customers and simple administration with high ROI for you.

VirtualAxis electronic commerce solutions give your web site the ability to sell your products securely over the Internet. Whether you're targeting business-to-business sales or consumers, we develop an E-Commerce solution that seamlessly integrates into your current business model.

There are many advantages to our E-Commerce solutions. You'll be able to sell to a global marketplace 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You'll experience lower cost of sales, lower overhead, and all of your sales data will be at your fingertips. Your web site will be able to verify and process credit card orders online automatically, with payments being transferred directly to your bank account! From streamlining your entire sales process to building a global customer base, our E-Commerce solutions actually work for your business.

VirtualAxis is different from other E-Commerce builders in numerous ways. Primarily, we do not simply put an order form on your web site and call it an "online storefront." Why? Because E-Commerce on its own is a failure. The idea of selling widgets on the Internet was great in principle, but just as in the real world, simply having a store does not sell your products. Price wars, pushed by "shopping agents" (programs that search the Internet for the lowest prices around) and empowered consumers, have removed the possibility for low, medium, or high-margin business. Products move at zero margins. Game over. The consumer wins, your business loses.

The reality is simple: E-Commerce web sites are quickly becoming the best content on the Internet. If you're looking for information on a book, where do you go? Amazon.com, where you can find professional reviews and author biographies, as well as reviews by other readers.

VirtualAxis's solution? Develop web sites into more than just "online storefronts". This involves quite a bit more than simply selling your products for a buck less than the next guy. It involves building awareness and trust in your name, giving online buyers more for their money and a reason to buy from you, and ensuring that your customers come back. Our E-Commerce solutions are custom made for your business to do exactly this. We call this an "end-to-end" solution, putting all of our capabilities to work ensuring the success of your business on the web.


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