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VirtualAxis's suite of web design services consists of three main development concepts - graphic design (the look), user interface design (the feel), and content development (the meat). The integration of these services and how well they compliment each other determines just how successful your web site will be.

Graphic Design - the look

On the web, the appearance of your web site generates a first impression of your business. An attractive and pleasing appearance encourages visitors to browse your site, and the longer they stay, the greater the effect your site has on them. Our goal is to most accurately represent your business on the web, and to "fine tune" this representation to the audience you're looking for.

To achieve this, designers must be aware of the many limitations created by the World Wide Web, including bandwidth, color palettes, plug-ins, browser and platform differences, and the users' ability to choose the order in which they view each page. Our designers know what works on the web and what doesn't.

User Interface Design - the feel

User interface and site architecture are crucial in the design of a web site. A well-planned structure, intuitive layout and clear navigation not only helps users, but helps you direct users to the most important areas of your site. Our understanding of human factors and user interface helps you achieve your goals, whether it's knowledge, marketing, sales, or fun.

Content Development - the meat

The main problem with many web sites today is the single-minded focus on graphics and lack of attention to content. Unless you're a museum, your users are not looking to see an art gallery when they visit your site. They want information - clear and straight to the point. Graphics should be developed to compliment your content, not vice-versa.

We realize that you know your business better than anyone in the world, and that is why we work closely with you in developing your web site's content. Your site can be based on your current marketing materials (flyers, brochures, sale sheets), or we can develop it from scratch.


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