Application Management

Application Management Services for Portfolios

Our Application Management for portfolios provide a full range of application development, management, maintenance, support and related services for your portfolio of applications -- packaged software, custom or legacy applications. We assume responsibility for enhancing, continuously improving and maintaining a customer's application portfolio according to contractually specified service level agreements. Optionally, we can provide application development services including the development and evolution of new e-business applications and traditional applications.

Support services to business users of applications within the portfolio can also be provided. In addition, we can provide value-added services to address planning and managing the portfolio, specifying and evolving the applications architecture and specifying the software infrastructure. These services are designed to help the business value of your applications by helping to increase productivity, improve service to your users and reduce costs. Providing leading-edge development services at an accelerated pace.

To help rapidly deliver your essential business application, Virtual Axis provides leading-edge co-development services using our proprietary accelerated solution delivery processes and procedures. We work with you to build staff and operate a rapid solution center and also provide access to new technologies or scarce resources to help meet critical deadlines. And, as a value-added service, we can plan, evolve and manage your application architecture to improve speed-to-market while reducing costs.

Delivering flexible, ongoing support for your business
Our application portfolio services can be delivered in a variety of operational models, from full scope to partial outsourcing, and on-site or off-site -- giving you the flexibility to meet the specific needs of your application portfolio. You can use your own resources as well as our shared resource development centers and world-class global delivery capabilities to meet key business objectives.


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